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Hospital Introduction
History | A word from the Dean | Objective、Foresight、Operation concept、Core value | Hospital location
Our hospital was first established on June of 1885, which has utilized Penghu hall under Japanese Colonial era, so under the authorization, the interior of the temple was used as the hospital facilities during Qing dynasty with a surgical department. In 1887, when Governor-General of Taiwan took over; the hospital consequently has become Prefectural Hospital of Penghu.
Recovery of Taiwan took place during November of 1945, after this event, the first dean was Mr. Lin Dao, the hospital hence was under Taiwan District Office of the Chief Executive Office of Health Bureau, later on the name has been changed to Penghu Provincial Hospital of Taiwan. During July of 1958, the old wooden hospital building was being dismantled, and concrete cement hollow brick renovation hospital facility was built on this original spot, and the project was completed in June 4th of 1959, as US grant subsidized the funding to upgrade the facilities, a second storey ward was therefore added on during June of 1987. On February of following year, the facilities were completed and began in operation.
During 1990 and 1993 respectively by the Department of Health jurisdiction “a comprehensive regional teaching hospital.” was underway. In order to cut down the budget, on July 1st of 1999 Under the aegis of Department of Health, its name was changed to " Executive Yuan health bureau Penghu hospital ", and during July 23 of 1913, under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan and its name then was changed to "Health and Welfare Ministry Penghu hospital".
Our hospital was situated in downtown of Makung, next to the harbor, with convenience of automobile and ship transportation, and land coverage was about an akker, with an additional housing of about two thousand Pings of psychiatric wards. Total number of beds in the hospital according to the approval of Health Bureau was 233 beds, while a nursing home was attached, for the past; it was the only hospital set up by Bureau outlying of Taiwan.
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  • 歷任院長歷史與沿革
  • Penghu Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
    Tel:(06)9261151  Fax:Hearing Impaired Friendly Registration Fax Line (06) 9262408  Website:
    No. 10, Zhongzheng Road, Magong City, Penghu County, 880
    Hearing Impaired Friendly Registration Fax Line (06) 9262408

    Resolution recommended 1024*768 to protect the earth, save water。
    This hospital is a smoke-free hospital and is not allowed to sponsor sponsors.
    Clean government report line:0800-286-586 Political room report:06-9271393