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Health education Information
Hospital[Total 456 pen]
Medical Departments
Medicine Division[Total 8 pen]
Surgery Division[Total 13 pen]
Dentistry Division[Total 6 pen]
Psychiatry Division[Total 23 pen]
Radiology Division[Total 7 pen]
Emergency Medicine[Total 19 pen]
Pediatrics Division[Total 8 pen]
Medical Affairs Departments
Medical Laboratory[Total 0 pen]
Pharmacy Department[Total 22 pen]
Administration Departments
Nursing Departments
Nursing Department[Total 60 pen]
Hemodialysis Center[Total 12 pen]
Intensive Care Unit[Total 1 pen]
Nursing Home[Total 11 pen]
Health Education Room[Total 37 pen]
Psychiatric Ward[Total 9 pen]
Comprehensive Ward[Total 16 pen]
Home Care Center[Total 34 pen]
Operating Room[Total 13 pen]
Emergency rooms[Total 19 pen]
Outpatient Clinic[Total 1 pen]
Penghu Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Tel:(06)9261151  Fax:Hearing Impaired Friendly Registration Fax Line (06) 9262408  Website:
No. 10, Zhongzheng Road, Magong City, Penghu County, 880
Hearing Impaired Friendly Registration Fax Line (06) 9262408

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This hospital is a smoke-free hospital and is not allowed to sponsor sponsors.
Clean government report line:0800-286-586 Political room report:06-9271393